UPVC conservatory advantages

Firmseal will create the perfect uPVC conservatory, with you, for you. We pride ourselves on offering the very best experience for our customers throughout every stage of the process, this is known fondly as the ‘Firmseal experience’.

uPVC is more often than not the desired material chosen when constructing a conservatory for the modern home. At Firmseal, our uPVC conservatories are constructed in a vast range of colours & profile finishes, meaning there is truly a design to suit everyone.

Due to the modern systems we employ, this allows us to recreate a traditional timber conservatory appearance and feel but with superior insulation, weather proofing & low maintenance properties. This is thanks to the benefits uPVC offers over wood. Not only this, the uPVC material will not warp or swell like a wood either!

Whilst it’s known that uPVC is not the strongest conservatory construction material when compared to something like aluminium, it is still extremely durable and secure. Also, as explained previously, it holds up nicely against the elements as it won’t swell, rot or warp in damp weather.

Due to the extremely durable material, this helps to eliminate draughts. This weatherproof material will ultimately keep your conservatory and home secure, keeping cold air outside where it belongs and the warm air inside.

Aside from the benefits of uPVC itself, they also make for a great investment too. UPVC conservatories will help to increase the value of your property, making it attractive to potential buyers in the future.

At Firmseal, our uPVC conservatories are fully bespoke. We design them to suit your property and taste preferences. They are also developed and constructed to your ideal budget, meaning there are no nasty surprises when it comes to paying!

If you are looking to add a uPVC conservatory to your home, get in touch with the team at Firmseal today.