What different uPVC Window Styles are available?

Are you planning to update your current windows? And not sure what uPVC Window Styles could be right for your property or right for you… You’ll be pleased to know that we have more than just the standard uPVC window style available nowadays…

We have flush casement and slimline uPVC window styles available. They can offer you something different and you can add your personal touch too!

The benefits of our Flush Casement Window

A Flush Casement uPVC window is simply where the opening window sits flush in its frame. A casement is a window held on hinges in a frame and the vast majority of casements open outwards.
  • Authentic Design

Our Flush Casement windows are elegant because of its simplicity. They replicate the appearance of traditional wooden frames. The delicate detailing, curves and trims, unlike timber need hardly any maintenance.
  • Strength and Durability

You’ll be pleased to know it is not all about the design, but also the performance of a Flush Casement. Its multi-chambered frames are secure and strong and feature high-specification glazing. No draughts, no cold spots, just peace, quiet and year round comfort from these thermally efficient Flush Casement Windows.
  • Personalisation

Add your personal touch with the colour and wood finishes that have been carefully selected to complement your home. Soft, subtle shades of delicate creams and greens to bold greys and different timber effects. You can even pick a different internal and external colour frame. We also have traditional handles and stays to suit your property.

The benefits of our Exclusive Silhouette Slimline Window

A Silhouette Slimline Window gives you a stylish and modern slimline frame that is a great affordable alternative to aluminium.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Our exclusive slimline windows are more stylish than our standard uPVC window frames. The slimline frame offers a greater glazed area and in return gives you wider sightlines and more light.
  • Alternative to Aluminium Windows

If you’re looking for the same look as Aluminium windows, then our Exclusive Silhouette slimline window could be for you. Not only is the slimline window more affordable but it is also available in a selection of colours, not just white!
  • Strength and Durability

We’re lucky that all of our uPVC windows have the highest A-Rated Double Glazing featuring high thermal insulation properties. They are also acoustically insulated and designed to minimise problems with noise outside of the home. All orders come with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. If you’re interested in finding out about our different uPVC Window styles, then call us on 01935 432282. Like our Facebook for the latest new product news and special offers.